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Book of the Month

Updated: Sep 27

Our book of the month is...Owl Babies

Owl Babies is a 1992 book about three owlets that wake up one night to find their owl mother gone. The owl babies worry about her absence, then are elated when she inevitably returns from her night flight.

We have many activities planned relating to our story such as;

  • talking about animals that come out at night time.

  • talking about family and feelings i.e., happy, sad

  • talking/ about and looking at the characters in the story

  • drawing and painting pictures of our family, our favourite characters in the story.

  • Making play dough together and creating owls with dough and feathers

  • creating our own baby owls to take home

  • creating an autumn wall displsy

  • role play.

  • and lots more fun act

...and many more exciting activities.

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