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Our book of the month

Updated: Jan 19

Mr Wolfs Pancakes.

Our book of the month is Mr Wolfs Pancakes.

Mr Wolf wants to make some pancakes, but isnt sure how to go about it. So he asks his neighbors for help, but they all refuse! Mr Wolf decides to have a go all by himself! Mr Wolf succeeds and makes a huge pile of delicious pancakes. Once the neighbors smell the pancakes, they call on Mr Wolf in hope that he will share. But Mr Wolf eats them all to himself...including his neighbors!!

We have many activities planned relating to this story such as;

  • talking and learning about how to make pancakes.

  • talking about sharing.

  • talking about and looking at the characters in the story, how many eyes do they have? How many arms/legs? Do they have skin, fur, feathers? If not what are they made from?

  • drawing and painting pictures of Mr Wolf, our own families/neighbors, pancakes, the characters in each of the stories.

  • making and tasting pancakes.

  • making pancakes from dough.

  • role play.

  • puppet shows.

...and many more exciting activities.

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