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Our book of the month

Updated: Jun 28

Barry the fish with fingers!

Our book of the month is Barry the fish with fingers.

Barry the fish with fingers has lots of favourite activities! He loves painting and knitting, amongst other things, and being with his friends. Can you help Barry count his five favourite activities on his fingers? And find out what he loves doing best!

We have many activities planned relating to this story such as;

  • talking about sharing.

  • talking about and looking at the characters in the story, how many eyes do they have? How many arms/legs? Do they have skin, fur, feathers? If not what are they made from?

  • drawing and painting pictures of Barry the fish, our friends, our favourite activities, the characters in tthe story.

  • Fishfinger tasting.

  • making fishfingers from dough.

  • role play.

  • puppet shows.

...and many more exciting activities.

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