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Early Years Foundation Stage

'Children are born ready, able & eager to learn. They actively reach out to interact with other people, and in the world around them. Development is not an automatic process, however. It depends on each unique child having opportunities to interact in positive relationships & enabling environments' (EYFS, 2012)


At East Didsbury Pre School our aims & objectives are to create & maintain a stimulating & caring environment for all the children who attend. Following the Early Years Foundation Stage to make sure all children receive a play based approach through both adult led and child initiated activities. We want to create a caring, fun, safe, educational & nurturing environment supporting any special educational needs. We embrace the four themes of the EYFS. This is how we make it come alive at East Didsbury Pre School.


Prime areas:   
Personal, social and emotional development
and language 
Specific areas:   
the world
Expressive arts
and design

Click here to view and download our East Didsbury Pre School Aims, Values & Principles Policy

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