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A guide for parents


When your child comes to Pre School for the first time it is a huge step for both of you. We must work together to ensure it is a great success! We want your child to have a happy and successful time with us and hope this booklet will answer any last minute thoughts or concerns you may have.


We recognise how much you have taught your child already, and how from pre school and home a partnership in a continuing education. If you have any queries or anything else you would like to discuss with your child’s key worker then please do not hesitate to do so. In the first few weeks of pre school it is important that you feel happy and trust us. This helps to build up your child’s confidence. Equally if something different is happening at home this may unsettle your child, so it helps if the staff are aware of this as it may explain a change in behaviour.

Julie Bell,

N.N.E.B/ First Aid/ S.E.N.C.O

East Didsbury Pre School

All of our policies and procedures are developed in partnership with the staff, parents, carers, the church committees and community. All our policies and procedures are accessible for you to read on request.

East Didsbury Pre School believes that no child, individual or family should be excluded from the Pre Schools activities on the grounds of age, gender, sexuality, class, family status, disabilities, ethnic origin, culture, religion or belief. We aim to ensure that all who wish to work in, volunteer to help with, or attend Pre School, and have an equal chance to do so. You can observe these practices in the activities and equipment that we provide. They reflect our fully inclusive approach to all children. Positive images can be seen in books, our displays and the celebrations of different festivals. We do not tolerate racist or sexist language or behaviour. We portray positive images that closely link the multicultural world in which we live in.


Our Vision

We aim to create a place which values respectful, caring relationships.

We believe all children have the right to be understood as individuals and to be given time and opportunity to develop as creative, competent learners in a happy and secure environment

Aims and objectives

A broad and balanced curriculum is provided and adapted to meet the individual needs of children. First hand experiences are important to children’s learning. Through structured play and planned activities we encourage all the children to explore and discover new opportunities for learning, development and challenge stereotypical attitudes, helping each child to become a self motivated, independent thinker.

We aim to ensure that the Pre School fosters a happy, small, peaceful and safe environment where all our children have fun and receive a standard of education and care that helps them to progress in the world with confidence and self esteem. We are concerned with the intellectual, physical, emotional, cultural and social development of the children and that all our learning experiences should be fun. Our aim is to afford each child the opportunity to achieve their full potential.


Links with parents and carers and also other members of the community being served by the Pre School, must be as close as possible, so that contributions can be made easily. It is important that everybody feels that access to Pre School is open and welcoming. Parents and carers are encouraged to participate in the activities of the Pre School. We strive to develop good partnerships with all of our parents and carers.

Meet the Team

Christine Gould

N.N.E.B/ First Aid/ S.E.N.C.O

Kirsty Connolly

NVQ Level 3/Certificate of Higher Education in Early Years Practice/First Aid/EYPDP Student

Elizabeth Shaffi

EYITT Student

Diane Chick

Early years educator

Olivia Connolly


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