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Covid 19 Update

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Dear Parents/ Carers,

We are delighted to say that we are now open to all children.

As always the safety of our children is paramount.

We are currently open 4 full days a week, as follows,

Monday 9-3pm

Tuesday 9-3pm

Wednesday 9-3pm

Friday 9-3pm

EDPS staff are following all the government guidelines. As restrictions are slowly easing, we are now able to accept all children, including the ones attending other setting too.

We are welcoming visits, but currently these will take place in the garden, where parents/carers are welcome to stay and play with their children outdoors. Visits take place Mon-Wed 9.30am-10am.

All visitors are able to see our main hall set up from the back door.

Children are more than welcome to come in and play, however, parents/carers must remain in the garden.

Children who are off due to covid related symptoms, are required to have a negative covid 19 test before their return to preschool.

East Didsbury Preschool are closely following government guidelines and advice, and will keep all parents/carers up to date with any changes.

The NHS track and trace guidance states, that if a child/member of staff test positive for covid 19, other children identified as a contact do not have to isolate if under 18 and 6months, unless displaying symptoms or testing positive their selves. Adults born before 2003 and fully vaccinated.

EDPS will verbally inform any parents, if there is/has been, a positive case within the preschool.

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